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The man sat silent, hunched and brooding. From afar he looked like an old man reminiscing about his glorious past, staring at the placid lake. The bugs that flew around did not distract him. He paid no attention to the waddling geese. At closer range, it was evident that he was around forty. He looked at his phone, checking the time. His eyes watered as they fell on the screen saver of his phone. A sarcastic smile touched his lips and disappeared as unexpectedly as it had come. He looked up towards the trail behind the bench he was seated on. There were numerous people milling around in the green in the middle of the trail that was occupied by joggers and cyclists.
Then he saw the man in a green t-shirt. He looked radiant, full of verve and enthusiasm. The man walked fast. He walked with a spring, giving him an energetic look. He stopped to pick up a football and tossed it with aplomb to the teen. He was the same age as the person sitting on the bench. Approaching the bench, the man in the green t-shirt, smiled lightly and said, “Hello, Caleb.”
Caleb nodded in acknowledgment and looked back to the lake. The man in the green shirt sat next to him.
“Look, I know what has happened, should not have happened.”
He continued, “But I could not help it. And Lord knows I tried. She…she’s…you know how it is…you cannot but help it…I was attracted to her.”
Silence. Caleb continued looking at the lake.
“I did not want to do it, Caleb. Especially since she was your wife. But life happens. There are choices to be made. She chose me. She has a choice here too.”
“Let’s move on, Caleb. We have been friends since kindergarten. I know you’ll find it difficult to forgive me and…”
“Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter now, Aaron.”
“Uh…ok. I know. It is better we come to terms fast…”
“What do you think of eternal bliss?”
“Eternal bliss.”
“Well…I…” Aaron looked towards the lake as he rubbed his clean-shaven chin.
“Aaron…” Caleb yanked his hand from his pocket, holding a small handgun. As the three shots rang out, the people around screamed. One man ran shouting, “Two men down at the lake! Two men down!”

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