About Us

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We at Hasty Stories take care of that 3-minute wait for the elevator or the 5-minute wait for bus/train or that 9-minute subway ride when you need a little winding down. Or even that hour long wait at the doctor’s!

Short stories in various genres to keep you entertained!

These are short short stories to keep you entertained and engaged. Also known as flash fiction, each story can be read in around 5 minutes. So, fill up those intermittent and sometimes annoying waits with something interesting.

  • Stay entertained with a variety of short stories 
  • Follow your favorite writers 
  • Discover new writers
  • Comment on the stories to give feedback – good or bad!
  • Connect and interact with the writers
  • Share with your friends
  • And if inspired, write your own short stories to share with the community
  • You can write directly or upload through the app on the phone 
  • Promote your existing books and writings

 In the age of multiple screens and the resultant decrease in attention span, we provide the stories in a nutshell without taking away the entertainment value.