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There once lived a frog who was the king of his well. He ruled over a bunch of frogs and their families. The King Frog had many relatives living with him in the well. The kingdom thrived since all had good food and the well was nice and cool. But there was a problem.

King Frog did not like his relatives. He found himself waking up to fights with his relatives. Sometimes it would be his uncle who came and complained about the way King Frog was ruling and sometimes out would his sister-in-law, who would find fault with the cleanliness of her chamber.

Frustrated, King Frog appointed a young frog, Snappy, to handle the bothersome relatives. Several months passed by. One day, Snappy came to King Frog.

Snappy said, “Your majesty, today we had to bring in a score of pink bugs for your step-brother. He was not happy with the purple one we bought yesterday.”
King Frog said, “Ok, Snappy. You do not have to tell me the details. I don’t want to be involved in this.”

“But your majesty, this has been going on for several weeks now. It is affecting our treasury and the Finance Minister is taking me to the task.”

King Frog sighed. “Call the Finance Minister.”

King Frog had a lengthy discussion with the Finance Minister. As he came out, his second aunt came rushing at him.
“How can you stop my candies? Don’t you know I need them?”
King Frog frowned and tried to respond but she would let him speak as she shouted and stomped.

King Frog met up with his friends who tried to cheer him up with a song and a dance. However, they had to stop the merriment since many of King Frog’s relatives descended on the party complaining about the loud noise.

King Frog was livid and frustrated. The next morning he came out of the well and went for a stroll. When he came back from the walk, he saw a black Cobra outside his well.

“Hello, Mr. Cobra,” said King Frog apprehensively.

“Hello,” hissed Mr. Cobra with gleaming eyes.

“Will you be my friend?”

“I cannot be your friend since I eat frogs,” said Mr. Cobra honestly.

King Frog had an idea. “How would you like some easy frog prey?”

Mr. Cobra coughed and wiggled his tail. “Oh! Would I not love that!”

“I have some relatives you can help me get rid of,” said King Frog. “They have made my life miserable.”

“Oh! I don’t care what they did to you. I love to eat frogs,” said Mr. Cobra, looking delighted.

“Great! Then you can have them. But you can eat only my bad relatives. You should not touch any of my friends.”

“How do I get to them?” Mr. Cobra asked.

“I shall make a secret tunnel for you to reach the inside of the well,” said King Frog.

“That sounds fantastic,” said Mr. Cobra.

Soon enough a secret tunnel with a secret entry into the well was made under the order of King Frog.

As per the deal, Mr. Cobra would stealthily come and eat one of the trouble-making frogs. As days passed, however, all the trouble-making frogs were gone. Mr. Cobra started preying upon King Frog’s friends.

King Frog became angry and forbade him to do so. But Mr. Cobra had become used to getting the easy meal. He did not heed the words of his “friend,” King Frog.

Soon, King Frog was alone. He had to leave the well and go far away, losing his friends, his kingdom, and all his loyal assistants. King Frog lived a life of hard work, loneliness, sadness, and poverty. He repented his hasty and unwise actions.

Moral: Do not take help from your enemy.

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